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Music Room


"Motivation Monday" 

w/ DJ Apex

Mondays can be a drag if you are uninspired and unmotivated. Let our host; DJ APEX add some "pep" to your Monday "step!" 

Video Games.

"Local Talent Tuesday" 

w/ The Local Express Tour Family

An interactive interview of local and independent talent from the performing, recording, and visual arts space.

Film Score.

"What's The Wave Wednesday" 

w/ TBA

A show dedicated to popular culture research and reporting, "What's The Wave Wednesday" aims to shed light on what is currently trending in San Joaquin County (and beyond's) arts, culture, and entertainment scene. We place a particular emphasis on urban art, culture, and entertainment. 


"College Thursday"

w/ Voices of Change Team

A show designed to give all college students -- but particularly first-gens -- a platform to spotlight their academic experiences and connect them to networking, resources, and other support services on and off campus! 

"Foodie Friday"

w/ TBA

A show designed to explore different cuisine throughout San Joaquin County and beyond.


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