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The Hip Hop Culture Classes

From Theory...To Practice...To Commerce!


In this program, we offer participants a "3-prong" approach to learning Hip Hop Culture.

It is as follows...

1. Students learn Hip Hop Culture...THEORY! 

(Meaning they acquire The 9 Elements of Hip Hop Culture KNOWLEDGE from our instructors.)

2. Students then have a chance to PRACTICE! 

(Meaning they pick at least one Hip Hop Element(s) To LEARN how to engage in.)

3. Finally, students can exercise COMMERCE! 

(Meaning after our program mentor(s) APPROVE students learned level of proficiency in their selected element(s) of Hip Hop, they can officially begin the entrepreneurship training of that element(s) via EYV's Jr. Entrepreneurship Training Program.)

To learn more and/or register for this program, email us here!

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