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The Young Gentlemen's Leadership Program

An 8-Week Life Skills & Leadership Program for 5th-8th Grade Boys!

To empower young men to become productive, resourceful learners, and civically-engaged gentlemen. In addition to this, emphasize that resilience, responsibility, and respect are key characteristics for shaping manhood. The program is a class offered during the school day (and/or after school) to pre-teens and teens to help dismantle the school to prison pipeline. Through academic-support solutions, round-table discussions, workshops, and service-based learning -- this program aims to provide students: teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, life, and resiliency skills. We focus on connecting community agencies, local businesses, teachers, students, parents, and more to provide the encouragement needed for our students to complete elementary, middle, high school, and beyond--successfully--with a unique, “gentleman swagger.”

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