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EYV 1st Event at TIC.jpg

EYV's First Community Event @ The Teen Impact Center (Summer 2008)



EYV's First

Community & Youth Recognition Event

in Downtown Stockton! (February 2010)

“Don’t wait until you have it all figured out, do something now!”
This resonating passage from a faith-based leader in Stockton, CA soon became Brandie Owusu-Spencer’s call to action to form Empowering Young Voices, Inc. (EYV) in the midst of completing his studies at San Joaquin Delta College in March of 2008. His experiences as a student leader at Delta provided models for how he wanted EYV to provide services to the community. As mentioned in the noteworthy Stockton news publication; The Record, Brandie’s goal for EYV was to create a place where “we can have young leaders learn ... and basically have a student government in the community...” (Fitzgerald 2012)

Having had the privilege and honor of developing EYV with some of who he thinks are the most amazing people in Stockton -- Brandie is extremely proud to have cultivated this organization with a team he also considers very close friends.

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